What are the differences between Web Design and Graphic Design?

Web design and graphic design are two distinct professions that often complement one another. Learn the main differences between graphic and web design, when you might need one, and how their different skills complement each other.


It’s critical to understand the differences between web design and graphic design. They are similar roles considering they both deal with designing. However, there are differences, and they often cannot do the same tasks. Most people think they are in the same role, which can be true for some individuals specialising in both areas. Still, many professionals only specialise in either graphic design or web design. They have many complementary skills but also many skills that are distinct to each profession. Knowing the difference between web and graphic designers will help you choose which one you should use for a specific project for your business. Or if you are interested in studying design, it will be helpful for you to distinguish between them.


What is Web Design?

A web designer is responsible for a website’s overall look and feels, which is achieved by creating all of the components that go into a website’s front end (what appears on your screen). This includes the layout and structure of the website, as well as the colours, fonts, images and graphics that are used to make the website.


Web design and web development are also often confused, which is the code that makes your website work. Read my article here to learn about the differences between web design and web development. Although many professionals do both web design and web development, there are specific skills that separate the roles.


What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is the skill that professionals use to convey messages to the audience visually. This is done by using specific colours, fonts and images to maximise the user experience. You can think of graphic design as communication design, where the designer is trying to communicate the idea to the target audience. In many cases, by designing marketing material, whether that be a logo, business cards, or advert.


Key Differences between Graphic Design and Web Design

The medium in which they are employed is one of the primary distinctions between web design and graphic design. Web design focuses on creating designs for the web and online use, whereas graphic design focuses primarily on print. Graphic designers do not need to understand programming, speed, or other technical aspects of web design. While visual designs may be utilised on a website, their general functioning and placement are the web designer’s responsibility. Here are some essential distinctions between the two:


  1. They have different technical skills: Web designers need to be familiar with programming and how their designs impact the website, such as speed, SEO, and user experience (UX).
  2. Web design is dynamic and interactive, whereas graphic design is more static and permanent: Web design changes depending on how the user interacts with the website. Whereas graphic design usually doesn’t change when the audience interacts with it unless it’s animated.
  3. Web design is continuous, whereas graphic design is permanent: Once a website has been created, there are requirements such as updates and maintenance. You can also update web design much easier than graphic design because you often have to factor in printing costs.


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