Data-Driven Personalization Reaches A Tipping Point In Banking

President of Americas at Personetics, the global leader in data driven personalization and customer engagement for financial institutions.

The current health crisis continues to disrupt the banking industry’s financial outlook, precipitating lower lending revenues and escalating credit loss provisions. One of the few levers the industry can turn to is cost containment. Amid an overall reduction, however, investment in digital capabilities continues to accelerate to meet customers’ rapidly evolving preferences toward digital servicing, support and advice.

To better prepare for this future, forward-leaning banks are capitalizing on their greatest asset — customer data — to better “know” their customers and deliver personalized experiences. Data-driven personalization appears to be at a tipping point, accelerated by the actions of leading banks and the growing body of evidence that these solutions are being embraced by customers and delivering strong returns for banks. Given the rapid adoption in the industry, banks that fail to invest now risk impacting customer growth and retention.

What is data-driven personalization?

Data-driven personalization analyzes customer transaction data in real time, applies machine learning and AI algorithms to determine what’s important, and delivers personalized insights and advice to customers. Insights provide customers with a view of their finances, from spending habits to savings opportunities, and recommend actions to better manage day-to-day banking. Beyond insights and advice, leading banks are offering innovative automated financial wellness programs. These are opt-in programs in which the bank may save, invest or pay down debt on a customer’s behalf. 

For example, one of our clients, Huntington Bank, recently launched Money Scout, an innovative program that grows customer savings using intelligent, automated, cashflow-based algorithms that act on a customer’s behalf. The proposition targets a growing segment of customers that are embracing automated solutions and expressing delight with the experience. 

The biggest banks are moving