Tik Tok Still Ticking, Quest 2 Reviews Are In

Trump has been infected with Coronavirus. You can defy laws, but not mother nature. Because science. I doubt the rumors he’s faking it, but so many crazy things have happened. There aren’t any big tech headlines this week, which doesn’t mean we don’t have a lot to talk about.

U.S. Judge Halts Trump’s TikTok Ban, Hours Before It Was Set To Start  The divestment deadline of November 13th remains in force.

Whistle Out issued the results of a survey that showed a majority of social media users believe they are being spied on. One in five people think Facebook should be banned. Although the company is trying to mitigate the unintended consequences of its algorithms, I’m beginning to think its harshest critics are right.

What if I had told you in 2000 that in twenty years recommendation algorithms created for advertising would become capable of mind control. We will willingly submit to this mind control for the ephemeral benefits of little dopamine hits. What if I said you would crave these meager benefits. You’d be, in effect, an addict. A captive. What if I said the satisfaction of this craving was controlled by a decabillionaire, a private citizen. And that private citizen asserts only he has the right to control his creation, even though he was selected not by the public, but by consumers’ casual use of his company’s free products, and is accountable to