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Here’s our review of the best early school supply deals for teachers & college students for Amazon Prime Day 2020, featuring deals on iPads, Fire HD tablets, MacBooks, Chromebooks, and Microsoft Surface laptops.

Here’s our review of the best early school supply deals for teachers, college students, and K-12 students for Amazon Prime Day, together with the best offers on school devices, headsets, webcams, and more back-to-school supplies. Shop the best deals using the links below.

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Every year, Amazon’s two-day Prime Day sale delivers a huge number of deals on the latest must-have gadgets, home essentials, and fashion items that are only available to Prime members.

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For two days, Prime members enjoy access to great deals on school supplies for teachers, K-12 students, and college students during the shopping event. Amazon’s best deals for teachers and students cover a wide range of educational gear – from classroom technology and tablets to school supplies and classroom furniture. The rise of remote learning and virtual teaching makes video and audio gear like Logitech webcams and Fire HD tablets increasingly important for teachers looking to improve the quality of their online classes.

College students are also on the hunt for smart educational devices, with iPads and Chromebooks often featuring high on the list of back-to-school essentials. Given the uncertainty surrounding in-person classes, having an

Amazon funds computer science program, donates $30K in school supplies

Hamilton County Schools’ latest partnership with Amazon will benefit tens of thousands of students, officials said.

The American multinational technology company plans to fund a computer science initiative — influencing more than 21,700 Hamilton County students in 42 elementary schools as part of its Amazon Future Engineer program. Amazon is also working with BootUp , a nonprofit professional development provider helping teachers bridge the equity skill gaps among the students.

The company’s commitment to the school district is part of a $50 million nationwide investment towards STEM education, primarily through the program. The area campuses will join more than 60 high schools and more than 80 elementary schools already participating in the program statewide.

Through a news release, Hamilton County Superintendent Bryan Johnson said the partnership will help the district reach one of its goals of students being prepared for success after graduation. The objective is part of the district’s Future Ready 2023 action plan.

“Computer skills are vital for young people, and the early start in this program for our elementary children will reap benefits while the students are in school and as they move forward in a college or career after they leave high school.”

In the same news release, Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger said he looks forward to a future conversation with the teachers and students helped by the program.

On Friday the multibillion-dollar company went a step further in its efforts to support the school district with a $30,000 donation in school supplies.

Amazon employees delivered more than 11 pallets of supplies to Bess T. Shepherd Elementary School, located close to the 7200 Discovery Drive site.

The supplies were funded by Chattanooga Amazon Fulfillment Center staffers, who collected $15,000 worth of school supplies. Their donation was matched by a $15,000 monetary donation by Amazon’s Seattle-based