Strigo raises $8 million to help software companies train their customers remotely

Strigo, a platform that helps companies deliver software training to their clients remotely, has raised $8 million in a series A round of funding led by Greycroft and Velvet Sea Ventures. The Israeli startup also said that it had tripled its customer base throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

The global pandemic has been a boon for online communication tools such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, as companies have been forced to embrace remote working. Moreover, these platforms found a whole new lease of life in situations for which they were never even intended, such as dating and virtual social gatherings with friends. But a “one-size fits all” ethos is often not a good thing in the technology realm, as certain situations require dedicated tools for the job in hand.

Founded in 2017, Tel Aviv-based Strigo has built a platform that enables software companies to onboard and train customers in how to use the software. Traditionally, this is something that companies often did in person — they would send out specialists to give the training, which is a time-consuming, resource-intensive endeavor. And in a socially-distanced world, this approach is either impossible or fraught with friction. And that is what Strigo effectively tries to solve, with a unified platform that allows trainers to communicate, share content, and collaborate in real scenarios involving the software.

“It’s really about providing hands-on training in which customers learn by practicing within actual product environments,” Nevo Peretz, CEO and cofounder of Strigo, told VentureBeat.

Above: Strigo training cloud: One-on-one with attendee panel and dashboard

Strigo can also be used for in-person software training sessions at customers’ own premises, as the platform is designed to work without relying on local IT teams to facilitate sessions or book dedicated lab spaces. Employees can just turn up to a standard meeting