House antitrust report: Amazon uses seller data to copy products

  • Amazon uses third-party seller data to copy the site’s most popular products, an antitrust report by the House Judiciary Committee alleged on Wednesday.
  • Former Amazon sellers told an antitrust subcommittee the company released new products almost identical to their own and “killed” their sales.
  • Amazon has denied accusations of this behavior in the past.
  • “We have a policy against using seller-specific data to aid our private-label business,” Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said in July.
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The House Judiciary antitrust subcommittee said it has uncovered evidence that Amazon uses detailed data from third-party sellers to copy popular products and push some sellers out of business — something the tech giant has consistently denied. 

The subcommittee said it had heard “repeated” concerns from both former employees and third-party sellers that Amazon uses seller data to either copy products or source the product directly from the manufacturer. It then sells it direct to consumers, according to the subcommittee’s findings.

“We have heard so many heartbreaking stories of small businesses who sunk significant time and resources into building a business and selling on Amazon, only to have Amazon poach their best-selling items and drive them out of business,” the subcommittee’s chairman David Cicilline said.

The findings formed part of a wide-ranging antitrust report on Big Tech companies, including Amazon, Google, Apple, and Facebook.

One former Amazon employee who spoke to the committee compared access to third-party seller data to a “candy shop.”

“Everyone can have access to anything they want,” they said. Employees even use this data to set up their own successful third-party accounts, the Democratic leaders of the committee wrote in their report on Wednesday. 

Similar accusations have mounted over the past 15 months, but Amazon has adamantly denied using third-party seller data in this way.

Singer Sri Lanka earns mantle as No. 1 computer seller

Singer has earned the prestigious mantle as the No. 1 computer seller in the country according to anInternational Data Corporation (IDC) Report released recently.

This accolade reiterates Singer’s undisputed market leadership in its wide ranging product portfolio which includes refrigerators, televisions, sewing machines etc.

With deep insights into the consumer electronics industry and a strong track record of trusted excellence, Singer began catering to consumers’ computing needs during the start of the new millennium in early 2000.

Today, having strengthened its presence, Singer is acknowledged as the No. 1 computer seller in the country forworld leading brands such as Dell, Asus and Huawei laptops.

Elaborating on this achievement, Shanil Perera, Marketing Director, Singer Sri Lanka PLC said, “Being recognized as the No.1 computer seller is testament to the company’s strategy of enhancing its presence in digital products.With a market penetration of 26% in 2019, the laptop/desktop segment stands to grow exponentially as consumers gear towards lifestyle changes due to Covid-19 implications. With the increase in remote working, home schooling and enhanced engagement with digital products the demand for computers grew and we were able to fulfil this consumer need with our extensive range of computers/laptops. We pride ourselves in offering the best value and quality products to our customers, and aim to continually strive to reinforce our trailblazing position.”

Fortifying the company’s ability to leverage sales and provide a more customer-centric experience is its strong distribution channel.This includes 430 retail outlets spread across the country through Singer Plus and Singer Mega channels, in addition to over 350authorized dealers.

An added strength in Singer‘s computer channel is its success in distributing DELL computer products. The success of the DELL partnership is proven with sales contributing the highest value towards the Singer business portfolio. Singer also has the distinction of being appointed