Ghost Photo in Scotland Has the Internet Freaking Out

Spooky season is in full effect and as such, some of the internet’s most popular ghost images have started to go viral once again as those on social media look to give themselves the creeps. One such picture making the rounds again was shared to r/Ghosts around this time last year of, at first glance, what appears to be seemingly innocuous Scottish ruins dated back to 3,000 B.C. Upon closer examination, however, it would appear there’s an apparition of a person looking through one of the windows of the ruins.

Shared by Redditor u/MotorBiker1985 around this time last year, the image was captured with a TLR Rolleiflex camera manufactured in the 1930s. “Most people I know who have seen it say it is very interesting, that is why I posted it online,” the Redditor wrote.

This picture was taken with a TLR Rolleiflex (made in 1930s) on Foma 400 film in Scotland in a ruin in a park near prehistoric (2000-3000 BC) burial ground in fall of 2016. Only scanned and cropped. The face in the window is visible on the negative film. from r/Ghosts

If you zoom in on the picture, it’s apparent there’s something in the window that isn’t naturally part of the building. That something, of course, looks very much like a spirit.

“Some see various expressions in the supposed face on the photo, some try to explain, however any explanation I have heard so far can be easily countered with various arguments,” MotorBiker1985 added.

As one might expect, people on the subreddit tried every which way to debunk it, claiming it could be the effect of extended or double exposure. The Redditor quickly uploaded the negative of the photograph and lo and behold, the face also appears on the negative.

u/MotorBiker1985 made sure to point out