Google Chromecast with Google TV review

Chromecast with Google TV


The new $50 Chromecast with Google TV is Google’s first real rival to Roku and Amazon Fire TV. 

It brings a lot of features that never existed on a Chromecast before, such as a full remote and brand-new Google TV software that makes it easier to find movies and TV shows. And it ties into all sorts of services, such as Hulu, HBO Max, Netflix and Disney+.

Previously, the Chromecast let you play content on your computer, but you had to select content on your phone. Now it has a whole new software experience, which makes it feel a lot more like a Roku, an Amazon Fire TV or an Apple TV. It means Google might finally be able to take some market share away from leaders Amazon and Roku.

Here’s what you need to know about it.

What’s good about the Chromecast with Google TV

Chromecast with Google TV


The new Chromecast is super simple to use. You just plug it in to your TV’s HDMI port — every modern TV has one — and turn it on.

The Google TV software has seven menu options at the top of the screen that are really straightforward: Search, For You, Live, Movies, Shows, Apps and Library. I like that the “For You” page pulls in movies and TV shows from subscriptions you pay for, such as Hulu or Netflix, and that you don’t have to open those apps to see what might be popular in any of them.

It also makes recommendations based on shows or movies you’ve watched. Best of all, it doesn’t have any ads, like Roku and Amazon do.

Chromecast with Google TV remote


All of this is easy to navigate with the remote. There’s a button to search by

Webflow website builder review | TechRadar

Webflow is a great website builder for anyone who loves to learn. Instead of figuring out everything on your own, you can utilize the Webflow University with dozens of crash course videos. Now you can learn how to build a professional website and easily browse hundreds of free templates.  

Webflow even has a feature for building your own templates. It’s excellent for creative website builders who want more freedom in how they design their pages. It’s really easy to glance through the free templates on the Webflow website to get a feel for the designs. The great thing is you can use Webflow for free for an unlimited time. This is not super common among other web hosting companies. 

Here's a snapshot of Webflow's plans and pricing

Here’s a snapshot of Webflow’s plans and pricing (Image credit: Webflow)

Plans and pricing 

When you start using Webflow, you’ll have the option to choose between site plans and account plans. Site plans are for personal websites, blogs, and small businesses. With site plans you’ll have easy access to ecommerce and all plans come with an SSL Certificate. Account plans are more for designers, or anyone who wants to set up a portfolio and includes a free option. 

The Starter plan is free and includes everything you need to try Webflow. There’s no credit card required for setup and you can use it for an unlimited time. It includes access to over one hundred templates, up to two projects (websites), and includes an option to bill clients. 

The Lite plan costs $16.00 per month when you pay annually or $24.00 billed monthly. You can start up to 10 projects with up to 100 static pages and 50 CMS items. This plan includes an option to export your code to other members on your team. However, you cannot export CMS content. 


Network Solutions website builder review

Network Solutions Network Solutions deals

The great thing about Network Solutions is how many options they have on their website. You can easily build a website on your own, or sign up for their professional website design services. If you’re not ready to build a website by yourself, then using the assistance will save you time, energy, and answer some questions you may have about web hosting. If you want a web host that makes managing your domain settings easier, then Network Solutions might be the right option for you. 

If you already have a registered domain somewhere else, Network Solutions includes options for domain transfer. All you need to do is enter your domain name on the main website, complete your purchase, then authorize the transfer. If you’re trying to transfer your domain to a new registrar to save money, then Network Solutions likely has a more affordable option. Prices are also lower than some of the more popular web hosts out there. 

Network Solutions offers a variety of plans at different price points

Network Solutions offers a variety of plans at different price points (Image credit: Network Solutions)

Plans and pricing 

There are two initial options to pick from: WordPress hosting or through cloud hosting. If you’re hosting on the cloud, Network Solutions provides four standard hosting plans. 

The Starter plan costs $5.69 per month if you sign up for the one year plan. This plan comes with 15 GB of disk space, one website, and five different email inboxes. If you’re just starting to build your own website and need something simple, then the Starter plan is a great option. You can always upgrade to another plan whenever you need to.  

The Essential plan is quite a large upgrade from the Starter plan without too much price difference ($9.96 per month). It comes with 300 GB of disk

Oppo Watch review: A great WearOS smartwatch, with a few missing pieces


  • Track various sleep cycles
  • Five-minute workout suggestions
  • Cellular connectivity
  • eSIM support

Don’t Like

  • Disappointing battery life
  • Design copies Apple Watch
  • Pricey
  • Five exercise modes only

The Oppo Watch is, as the name suggests, Oppo’s flagship smartwatch and the first with Google’s Wear OS operating system. Though it still has some room for improvement in terms of battery life and fitness tracking, in my week of wearing it I’ve been impressed at how well it handles the basics. It has a bright, responsive AMOLED screen, Google Assistant support and even native sleep monitoring. 

Different prices and options to choose from

The Oppo Watch comes in two sizes: 42mm and 46mm, and three variations. The smaller WiFi only model starts at £229 in the UK (roughly US $295 or AU$400) then rises to  £329, roughly US $420 for the larger versions, which also has a WiFi-only model as well as an LTE one. The LTE version, which comes with an embedded SIM (or “eSIM”), is the one I tested out for this review. And while the Oppo Watch is technically compatible with both Android and iOS, the cellular feature only works with an Android phone and is only supported if you’re on Vodafone, Celron, and Orange networks.

An Apple Watch clone

When the Oppo Watch was first unveiled, it drew immediate comparisons to Apple’s popular timepiece. Even to someone who reviews tech for a living like myself, it’s hard to tell these two apart at first glance. Like the Apple Watch, it has a rectangle display with curved edges and removable silicone straps, and even similar packaging. But the glass on the side has a more pronounced curve, and there are two buttons on the right side in place of the digital crown. In the end, the Oppo Watch is stunning

Gadget Review: RHA TrueConnect 2 – Expensive earphones, but worth it

RHA is a relatively unknown brand in India, but these earphones are something everyone needs to know about. The RHA TrueConnect 2 is a very stylish pair of wireless earphones, designed and engineered in the UK, as the packaging claims.

I particularly like the simplistic design. The earphones are made of a rubberised plastic, which has a nice tactile feel to it. The unique box is made of a combination of metal and plastic that offers a satisfying click when you open and close it. The case also has a built-in battery pack that charges the earphones while they rest in the box. While the earphones last for around nine hours, the case offers another 35 hours of total power. These earphones come with seven pairs of silicone ear tips—two sets of small, three sets of medium and two sets of large.

The RHA TrueConnect 2 uses Bluetooth 5.0 and is very simple to connect, just long-press and it is ready to pair.

When you put these on, the first thing you will notice is how light they are. They weigh only six grams an ear-piece and are comfortable enough to wear the entire day without any fatigue. The fit is snug and does a great job of passively blocking out external sounds. There is no active noise cancellation (ANC).

Overall, this is a good pair if you are looking for understated, great-sounding true wireless earphones. The three-year warranty, the quality construction and the IP55 dust and water resistance make this a good long-term investment as well. At R12,999 these are a little pricier than I would like them to be.

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