During a Friday night interview with FOX News medical expert Dr. Marc Siegel on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Republican President Donald Trump said that he would welcome the next presidential debate to be held outside rather than virtually so that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden can’t read his answers off of a computer.

“So I have a question and this is my own fantasy, Mr. President. All of this back and forth controversy about the next debate. And if you test negative, and you’ve said you want it to be in person, how would you feel about a debate outside on Miami Beach?” Siegel asked.”

“Well, I’d have no trouble with it at all. In fact, when we have rallies outside, we’ve had no problem whatsoever. Outside is better than inside, as you know, with this crazy thing that’s gone on,” Trump answered.

“But, you know, we’ve always had a problem with this commission—this commission’s been ridiculous, frankly. But who wants to do a debate on a computer? I don’t. Virtual debate—you got to be there. We did great in the last debate. You have to be there, you have to see the person. You can’t do it on a computer,” he continued.

“Besides that, you know Joe has a tendency to get the answers and read them off a computer when he’s asked questions. So I’d rather—I would love to do it. Outside would be fine as far as I’m concerned,” Trump concluded.

Trump has accused Biden in the past of using a TelePrompTer during the debate or using an earpiece to be fed answers, however, no evidence exists to back up these claims. Biden has denied using either during debates.

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In a Friday night interview on Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News, Republican President Donald Trump claimed that