Globe Theatre presents a ghostly farewell tour in unusual programming

Robyn Sanderson and Aren Okemaysim wear masks as they lead groups of six on ghost tours of the Globe Theatre.

a man and a woman standing in a parking lot: Tour guides Robyn Sanderson, left, and Aren Okemaysim stand near a

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Tour guides Robyn Sanderson, left, and Aren Okemaysim stand near a

That’s medical-style masks, not costume masks as you might expect leading up to Halloween.

Hiding the bulk of their facial expression is a challenge for the actors during the Behind The Screams and Haunted History tours, on through Oct. 31 in Regina.

“It’s certainly not easy,” said Damien James Webb, a production assistant at the Globe and one of the creators of the theatre’s current programming.

“And then when you combine that with the idea that we’re not on a stage — we’re in a hallway or we’re in a nook or a cranny or an office, the space changes throughout the entire thing — so their vocal projection needs to change too. And so that was kind of an interesting thing for them to get used to as well.”

The ghost tours are the Globe’s first offering since March, when the COVID-19 pandemic shut down its programs along with most everything else.

As restrictions have lifted, staff started brainstorming about what they could do to engage audiences in a safe way: “Is there something we can do to still provide entertainment to people even though we can’t all sit in a room and enjoy theatre as it should be?” said Webb.

Last fall, the front of house manager devised an impromptu ghostly tour for Halloween, which got good feedback.

So this fall, the team is running with it — creating a scripted show (written by Greg Ochitwa) based on the real ghostly encounters of Globe staff past and present.

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