PS4 system software 8.0 out now, PS5 added to remote play

(Pocket-lint) – A major system software update for PlayStation 4 is available now. It changes, among other things, party and messages – combining them into the same groups.

At the same time, the PS4 Remote Play app for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac has been renamed PS Remote Play, as it will work with PlayStation 5 on its release in November.

PS4 system software 8.0 also adds new avatars, the ability to mute all microphones from the menu, and enhanced two-step verification, which now supports third-party authenticator apps.

Something that has been removed is the ability to create new events and/or access existing ones. Nor will you be able to create private communities anymore, although you will be able to continue to access existing ones.

The parental controls have been enhanced and simplified, with the options to communicate with other players and view content created by other players put into the same setting. Plus, young players can now send an email notification to a parent to request communication features to be turned on for specific games.

You can download system software 8.0 for your PS4 or PS4 Pro now. It will likely be prompted the next time you boot up.

Writing by Rik Henderson.

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Star Wars: Squadrons is seeing significant VR play

EA released an infographic on Twitter that shows 15% of Star Wars: Squadrons players are experiencing the game in VR. That’s actually quite a lot, considering it’s available on PS4, PC, and Xbox One and is fully playable with or without VR.

After playing and reviewing Star Wars: Squadrons (I loved it by the way). Playing in VR with a HOTAS control stick is the best and most immersive way to enjoy this game. The implied stat here, if you read between the numbers, is that 85% of players haven’t gotten the full experience.

It’s also worth noting that when they ran the numbers to get this data, the total player count includes Xbox One users who don’t even have a VR option on their console. That means, of the total potential VR userbase, more than 15% have played in VR. For a game that’s only a week old, it’s a good number.

Let’s also consider that most HOTAS setups are sold out, lots of headsets are back-ordered, and it’s a busy time of year so a lot of people may be holding off on buying the game until they can get all the gear they need to experience it fully. Or, maybe some people have opted to get a VR headset and it hasn’t arrived yet, so they played it without VR.

All of this is speculation, but I think it’s safe to assume that over time, more people will experience it in VR, which is an exciting prospect. The full infographic has lots of interesting details on it, such as that the X-wing and TIE Interceptor (not the standard TIE) are the two most popular ships. Nearly 600 million starfighters have already been destroyed in the first week.

Here is the full infographic from Twitter:

Someone Got Skyrim To Play On A Tiny Keyboard Screen

Even if The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim isn’t the most ported game in history, it certainly feels like it. While not an official port, Redditor Mr_Murdoc managed to get Skyrim running on a tiny OLED display fitted to a keyboard, showing how the game’s opening scene looks at a minuscule resolution.

The keyboard is a SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL, and while it doesn’t have the hardware to run the game itself, it does have a tiny screen that can work as a monitor. The display is usually used to show keyboard functions, though it can also be used to play videos or gifs. Mr_Murdoc explained that the game as shown in the video is actually playable, however, and involved using a program that would mirror the game as it ran on their main monitor.

The graphics look pretty similar to Skyrim on a pregnancy test, though that version was just playing a video of the opening scene.

In 2018, Todd Howard famously told gamers “if you want us to stop releasing [Skyrim], stop buying it.” Hopefully he doesn’t take the popularity of the Reddit post as demand for a keyboard-native version of Skyrim.

Elder Scrolls 6 was officially announced by Bethesda in 2018, though news about the sequel is still thin on the ground. As Bethesda was recently acquired by Microsoft, there’s been a question of whether Elder Scrolls 6 will now be exclusive to Xbox and PC, though Microsoft seems to be looking further than console exclusivity with the acquisition.

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Play Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Beta Enough And Get An SMG Blueprint

Those who play enough of the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War beta on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One will get an SMG weapon blueprint when the game drops this November. Players just have to reach level 10 to qualify for the freebie.

The weapon is called Mutual Animosity and if the picture is anything to go by, the blueprint may feature a scope and suppressor. Receiving the weapon is as simple as reaching level 10, which can be done by playing any of the available modes when the beta goes live on October 8 for PlayStation 4 preorder customers.

Publisher Activision hinted at what players can expect from the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War beta, which has two beta weekends running this month. This includes a mix of maps, modes, and playlists. Some game types include Domination, Kill Confirmed, Team Deathmatch, the new 6v6 VIP Escort, and more. The beta will also contain a progression system familiar to Call of Duty fans that lets players unlock loadout options like equipment, scorestreaks, and weapons. Preloading for the beta is now live.

Any player on any platform will get this gun when they reach level 10.
Any player on any platform will get this gun when they reach level 10.

The Mutual Animosity weapon blueprint is not the only goodie players get for participating in the beta. If players hop into a Black Ops Cold War game during the beta on any platform and link their Activision Account to Call of Duty: Mobile, they will receive Russell Adler as a playable Operator in Mobile.

To get early access to the Black Ops Cold War beta, players will have to preorder the game. Those who preorder on PlayStation 4 will receive beta access first, which runs from October 8-9. The beta then opens to all PS4 users from October 10-12. PC and

Google delays mandating Play Store’s 30% cut in India to April 2022

Google is postponing the enforcement of its new Play Store billing policy in India to April 2022, days after more than 150 startups in the world’s second largest internet market forged an informal coalition to express concerns over the 30% charge the Android-maker plans to mandate and started to explore an alternative store for their apps.

The company, which is going live globally with the new Play Store rule in September 2021, is deferring the enforcement of the policy only in India, it said. It is also listening to developers and willing to engage to allay their concerns, it said.

Last week, Google said it would no longer allow any apps to circumvent its payment system within the Play Store. The move, pitched by Google as a “clarification” of its existing policy, would allow the company to ensure it gets as high as a 30% cut on in-app purchases made through Android apps operating in a range of a categories.

Google’s announcement today is a direct response to the biggest scrutiny it has received in a decade in India — its biggest market by users but also a place where, compared to Western markets, it generates little revenue. More than 150 startups in India last week formed an informal coalition to fight the company’s strong hold on Indian app ecosystem. Google commands 99% of the smartphone market in India, according to research firm Counterpoint.

Among the startups that have expressed concerns over Google’s new policy are Paytm, India’s most valuable startup, payments processor Razorpay, fantasy sports firm Dream11, social network ShareChat, and business e-commerce IndiaMART.

More than 50 Indian executives relayed these concerns to India’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology over a video call on Saturday, according to three people who attended the call.

Several businesses in India have