How To Take away Textual content From Footage And Photos

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How To Remove Text From Photos And Photos

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How to send photos or other files on Skype using a computer or mobile device

a woman sitting on a chair: How to send photos or other files on Skype using a computer or mobile device

© Luis Alvarez/Getty Images
How to send photos or other files on Skype using a computer or mobile device

  • You can send any kind of file using Skype on your desktop. On your phone, you can only send photos.
  • To send files on the Skype desktop app, you can simply drag files into the app.
  • Skype has a 300 MB limit on files that can be shared.

Skype makes it easy to share files with your contacts, whether you’re in a chat, conference, or call. On a desktop computer, you can share any kind of file, but if you’re using a phone, your options are more limited.

How to send files on Skype using the desktop app

Open the Skype app and begin a text chat with the person you want to share a file with.

There are two ways to share the file:

  • Find the file on your desktop and drag it into the Skype app. You should see a message in Skype that says “Drop file or contact details to send.” After you drop the file in the app, click the Send message arrow to complete the transfer.

graphical user interface, application, PowerPoint

© Dave Johnson/Business Insider

  • If you prefer, click the “Add Files” icon to the right of the text message field. In the “Open File” window, choose the file you want to send and then click “Open.” Click the “Send message” arrow to complete the transfer.

You can send more than one file at a time, but note that you have a maximum file size limit of 300MB. If you try sending larger files, you will see an error message.

Also, if you are in a video chat or conference meeting, you need to open the chat window to send a file.

How to send files on Skype using the mobile

Twitter is changing how it crops photos after reports of racial bias

  • Twitter said it is limiting its reliance on machine learning that helps it decide which part of a photo to crop on its platform.
  • Online users have reported racial bias on the social media firm’s image cropping tool, which automatically focuses on the part of a photo it thinks the viewer will find most interesting.
  • One Twitter user recently highlighted how the face of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who is white, was routinely centered in automatic image crops, while that of former President Barack Obama was cut out.
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Twitter is making changes to its photo cropping function after an investigation into racial bias in the software, the company said on Thursday.

The announcement comes after users on the platform repeatedly showed that the tool — which uses machine learning to choose which part of an image to crop based on what it thinks is the most interesting — cuts out Black people from photos and centers on white faces instead.

Tony Arcieri, a cryptography engineer, posted a series of tweets in mid-September showing how the platform’s algorithm routinely chose to highlight the face of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who is white, instead of former President Barack Obama’s in multiple photos of the two. The experiment prompted others to try similar experiments with the same result, and led to the company launching an investigation into its systems shortly after.


The social media company implemented its machine-learning-powered image cropping system in 2018. The system “relies on saliency, which predicts where people might look first,” Twitter’s chief design officer, Dantley Davis, and its chief technology officer, Parag Agrawal, wrote in the company blog post on Thursday.

They said in the post that Twitter will

Religious group scrubs photos and mentions of SCOTUS nominee Amy Coney Barrett from website: report

Amy Coney Barrett
Amy Coney Barrett

Amy Coney Barrett University of Notre Dame

An obscure religious group tied to President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett has scrubbed photos and mentions of her from its website ahead of her Senate confirmation hearings and interviews with lawmakers.

The New York Times reported last week that Barrett and her husband, who are the parents of seven children, are members of People of Praise, an obscure Christian sect which opposes abortion and teaches God has willed men to assume authority over their wives and family.

The Associated Press on Thursday reported that a search on the Internet Archive revealed that the group had removed content featuring Barrett and her family from its website in the summer of 2017, when she was on Trump’s short list for the seat later filled by Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The deletions included back issues of the group’s magazine, “Vine & Branches,” which had birth and adoption announcements for some of the Barrett family’s seven children, as well as several articles involving the federal judge or members of her family.

The group deleted more photos, articles and blog entries last week when Barrett again appeared as a likely nominee. A group spokesman confirmed to the AP that the organization had indeed deleted content.

“Recent changes to our website were made in consultation with members and non-members from around the country who raised concerns about their and their families’ privacy due to heightened media attention,” he said.

According to The Times, People of Praise describes itself as a “charismatic Christian community” whose members swear “a lifelong oath of loyalty, called a covenant, to one another, and are assigned and are accountable to a personal adviser, called a ‘head’ for men and a ‘handmaid’ for women.”

The “heads and handmaids