The top 25 companies where employees are happy and fulfilled

  • Being happy with your job is great for your mental and physical health. Being unhappy at work is linked with increased risk of depression and other health problems like cardiovascular problems, research shows. 
  • Career website Comparably surveyed employees across some 60,000 large companies over the past year to find out where workers are happiest. 
  • Zoom Video Communications ranked No. 1 for employee happiness followed by software company HubSpot and Microsoft. 
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It’s important to work at a place where you feel valued and your work is meaningful. 

Research shows it makes you more productive. Having a positive work experience also carries over into other parts of your life, like your mental health and personal life. Working in a toxic environment can wreak havoc on your physical and mental health. 

But how do you know which companies have great work environments?

Career website Comparably surveyed  employees across some 60,000 large companies with over 500 employees, during a 12-month period from Sept. 2019 to Sept. 2020. Employees rated how happy they were with their professional lives. 

Zoom Video Communications took the top spot, followed by software company HubSpot and Microsoft. 

Here are the top large US companies where employees said they are happiest, listed in ascending order of positive reviews. You can review the full list here. 

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Airport testing plan to be announced in coming days, minister suggests

The Government is preparing to shake up air travel quarantine rules as soon as this week, a Treasury minister has indicated, as he revealed officials had been studying Germany’s “best in class” testing system. Stephen Barclay, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, said a decision would be made on airport swabbing “in the coming days”, but pointed to the testing regime in Germany, where passengers arriving from high-risk countries can be rapidly tested and allowed to leave quarantine earlier. The UK has fallen behind France and Germany, both of which introduced airport testing in August. Arrivals at some German airports can take a swap costing €130 and receive a test result within 6 hours. Alternatively, people can be released from quarantine after ten days with a free test from the Government. In the UK, all people returning from high risk countries must self-isolate for 14 days. Speaking at a ConservativeHome panel at Tory Party Conference on Saturday, Mr Barclay said testing in airports was a “key priority in the sector at the moment”. “I am expecting Grant Shapps and Matt Hancock to say more about this in the coming days,” he said. “But from a Treasury point of view, the sort of things you would expect us to be looking at is: what testing can we have at airports, and how does that interact with the quarantine rules? “What is best in class internationally? So, if we look, for example, at some of the German states, which are using testing to then release earlier from some of the restrictions.” The Telegraph understands ministers are considering forming a task force to explore various options for international travel. Mr Barclay yesterday suggested the Government was examining options for “subnational

Those working from home ’happy to see’ Computer Tutor of Freeport – Business – Rockford Register Star

FREEPORT — Edward Alderman, who started operating Computer Tutor in 2007, has seen an upsurge in business as people work remotely from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alderman began to see an increase in calls for help beginning mid-March, when many people were sent home to work remotely by their companies in order to prevent spread of the disease caused by the coronavirus. He has had to fix network issues and help with printers and monitors.

As coronavirus cases have surged, so have the number of companies asking their employees to work from home, according to Forbes. Some 46% of American businesses implemented remote-work policies as of mid-February. While telecommuting has become more mainstream in recent years— the remote workforce grew 159% between 2005 and 2017 — when just 3.4% of Americans worked from home at least half of the time.

“The best part for me is the interaction with people, and seeing a smile when I am able to help them correct a problem,” Alderman said. “I love to fix problems that I am called for, and it is computers and conversation that makes my day.”

Alderman said the coronavirus has made him busier than ever, but there is a drawback. He said he sees people getting scammed while they work from home.

He said he gets calls from people who had a computer virus or were told that and also were told they had to pay money to get their computers fixed. The scams involved using their credit cards or having the victims buy gift cards to the tune of $1,000. Scammers had their victims buy gift cards from several retail outlets, and then the victim would read the codes to them on the phone.

“Computer scammers have been around for many years, and it had gone away