Singapore spotlights OT security, unveils security roadmap focusing on infrastructure

diagram: security switch on technology background,security management concept

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security switch on technology background,security management concept

Singapore is setting up a panel comprising global experts to offer advice on safeguarding its operational technology (OT) systems and has unveiled the country’s latest cybersecurity blueprint, focusing on digital infrastructures and cyber activities. It is also hoping to rope in other Asean nations to recognise a Cybersecurity Labelling Scheme (CLS) that rates the level of security for smart devices, such as home routers and smart home hubs. 

Singapore’s latest cybersecurity masterplan builds on its 2016 cybersecurity strategy and looks to boost the “general level of cybersecurity” for its population and businesses. It focuses on the need to secure the country’s core digital infrastructure and cyberspace activities, as well as drive the adoption of cyber hygiene practices amongst its connected citizens. 

Global pandemic opening up can of security worms

Caught by the sudden onslaught of COVID-19, most businesses lacked or had inadequate security systems in place to support remote work and now have to deal with a new reality that includes a much wider attack surface and less secured user devices.

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Launched by Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat at this year’s Singapore International Cyber Week, held online, he said the new blueprint is essential for combatting the high volume of day-to-day cyber threats faced by people and businesses. 


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Heng said during his speech that COVID-19 had underscored the value of digital technology in economic and social activities, but also brought with it risks that must be addressed early. 

“As a relatively nascent frontier, we will need to address issues like the ethical use of technology, user privacy, and a growing digital divide,” he said. “As more people go online, crime and threats have also gone virtual. Cybersecurity will be critical as we become more digital.

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