Flowhub hires former Glassdoor exec Stephanie Jenkins as SVP of sales

  • Cannabis tech startup Flowhub hired Stephanie Jenkins as an SVP of sales. She was formerly an executive at Glassdoor.
  • Jenkins told Business Insider that when she was evaluating new opportunities, cannabis tech was the highest risk — but also potentially the highest reward — for her career. 
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When Stephanie Jenkins got on a Zoom call in early May, she knew it would be one of the toughest days of her career.

Then an exec at the job-hunting site Glassdoor, Jenkins says she understood the economic recession caused by the pandemic hurt many industries, but perhaps none more than recruiting. As company budgets dry up, hiring is usually the first cost on the chopping block. 

“I had to fire my entire team of about 160 people over a Zoom call that morning,” Jenkins told Business Insider over the phone. Glassdoor laid off around 300 people that day, mostly shuttering its Chicago office, and Jenkins said that as part of those layoffs she’d be leaving her job by the summer.

Jenkins said that while she was still at Glassdoor, she’d had a series of conversations with Flowhub CEO Kyle Sherman. When the two set up a formal interview, Jenkins said what was supposed to be a 45-minute interview turned into a two-and-a-half-hour conversation.

“We talked very theoretically about where the business is going, how it’s operating, and how to make it better,” Jenkins said. 

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In September, Jenkins made the jump into the cannabis industry as Flowhub’s senior vice president of sales, a strong signal that investors and executives from inside and outside of cannabis think that the tech side of