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A2) Additionally at one time I did setup the MJ software as a service so it’ll start up even without logging in. how to try this is a bit technical and i did not write down the process, however it’s doable, perhaps you possibly can google “setting magic jack as a service windows xp” or “vista” or “home windows 7” for that matter offers you a step by step directions on how.

It’s the individual making the decision from MagicJack who benefits (until he calls one other MagicJack). I paid almost $one hundred a month after which, I found out two of my buddies had owned magicJacks for a couple of months and cherished them. There are a number of people who have that quantity, although, …

FOVE0 eye-tracking headset gets new features with software updates

FOVE Inc today released version 1.0 of the software that powers its FOVE0 eye-tracking VR headset. The latest update introduces a handful of new features that should be helpful for the medical industry.

FOVE0 eye-tracking headset gets new features with software updates 01 | TweakTown.com


If you don’t recall, FOVE Inc. was the first company to introduce an eye-tracking VR headset. FOVE launched a Kickstarter to fund the FOVE0 VR headset’s development in 2016, and it began delivering those headsets in January 2017.

After fulfilling its backer commitment, FOVE retreated into obscurity, but it never went away. After four years of development, the company has finally released version 1.0 of its software platform.

FOVE has put most of its attention on the enterprise VR market, particularly in the medical space. With this new software update, FOVE introduced two premium tiers of its solution that better serve professional use cases.

FOVE0 eye-tracking headset gets new features with software updates 02 | TweakTown.com

FOVE Pro is a new premium version of the FOVE platform meant for medical researchers. It enables the ability to measure your eyes’ contour, the shape of your eyes, and the angle of rotation of your eyes, which doctors can use to diagnose a variety of disorders. It also allows independent calibration of each eye. The software suite also includes a video player that captures gaze-tracking information and automatically generates a report.

FOVE Enterprise is geared towards businesses that work with large-scale deployments and installations where many users rotate through headsets. The enterprise version adds support for a rapid single-point eye-calibration process, which is useful for shared headsets. FOVE Enterprise also includes support for NVIDIA’s Jetson Xavier NX embedded computing platform, which means companies can assemble purpose-built VR kiosks without a gaming computer.

FOVE Pro and FOVE Enterprise are paid upgrades for the standard FOVE software platform, which also received a significant update with version 1.0. FOVE’s new

Microsoft Edge Declares Battle With Chrome With These Excellent New Features

Microsoft Edge has declared battle with its biggest rival Google Chrome with a bunch of excellent new features for businesses and consumers.

Microsoft Edge browser is growing in popularity—it’s number two to Google’s Chrome. Now, Edge is hoping to further grow its market share with the launch of a plethora of new features.

So, what’s new? Many of the Edge features are aimed at making shopping online easier and more private in the run up to the holiday season as most people shun the shops due to coronavirus. 

In a blog, Microsoft detailed new Edge features including price comparison in Collections to help you find the best deals. You can use this in Edge by adding a product to a Collection and doing a one-click compare. Meanwhile, Bing Rebates, a feature that makes earning cash back easy, is now live in the U.S.

The Bing Rebates offers are now available right in the search results, saving the time of having to look for cashback offers across multiple websites.

At the same time, Microsoft is making it easier to hide your gift giving online from family with InPrivate search in Bing. You just need to open a New Tab Page in InPrivate Mode on your desktop or mobile version of Microsoft Edge and your searches won’t be saved. If you do use Bing, it’s actually a good idea to perform all your searches in this way for additional privacy. 

Another cool feature is integration with Skype’s Meet Now for ad hoc video calls to family and friends, or colleagues. This will start to roll out to Edge this month, and will be

October: VI lab live events | News and features

Computer vision experts from the University of Bristol are part of a new consortium, led by BT, driving the technology that will revolutionise the way we consume live events, from sports such as MotoGP and boxing, to dance classes.

The 5G Edge-XR project, one of seven projects funded by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) as part of its 5G Create programme, aims to demonstrate new exciting ways that live sport and arts can be delivered remotely using immersive Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) technology combined with the new 5G network and advanced edge computing.

The 5G Edge-XR consortium, which is led by BT, also includes; The GRID Factory, Condense Reality, Salsa Sound, and Dance East. The project started in September 2020 and will run until March 2022, with a budget of over £4M, with £1.5M coming from DCMS.

The University of Bristol team is based in the Visual Information Lab (VI Lab) and will be working primarily with Condense Reality (CR). The Bristol-based SME, whose CTO and CSO are both Bristol graduates, has developed a state-of-the-art volumetric capture system, capable for generating live 3-D models for AR applications. This brings the prospect of viewing live sports and dance classes in 3-D and in your home, as though you were there in person.

The Bristol team is led by Professors Andrew Calway and David Bull, who will bring their expertise in computer vision and video coding to enhance the system developed by CR. They will be working with researchers from the BT Labs in Adastral Park, Suffolk, which is recognised for its global leadership in 5G research and standards development. 

“This is a very exciting opportunity for the lab and our students, enabling us to engage in important research and knowledge and skills transfer to a local

Instagram makes old stories easier to find alongside new anti-bullying features

Instagram is adding new features to help users find old stories posted over the last three years and to reduce abusive behavior. The stories archive now includes a new monthly calendar view, which shows the days you posted each story, alongside a map which shows story locations, TechCrunch reports. Instagram also announced a pair of new anti-bullying features which attempt to automatically hide potentially abusive comments while discouraging users from posting them in the first place.

Given that stories are designed to disappear automatically after 24 hours, it’s likely surprising to many that Instagram has an archive of them going back years. The stories archive actually dates back to 2017 — the new calendar and map just offer a better way to find old stories. The archive is private, visible only to you, but there’s an option to re-share them publicly on your profile or stories feed. The new Stories Map and monthly calendar view are rolling out now, and can be accessed from the “archive” menu under your user profile.

One of the tests involves automatically hiding comments.
Image: Instagram

As part of Instagram’s latest round of anti-bullying features the service will start automatically hiding comments similar to those that have been reported. These comments won’t be deleted entirely, however, and can still be viewed by tapping the “View Hidden Comments” button. Instagram is also adding warnings for users who repeatedly post potentially offensive comments to try and encourage them to think twice before posting, in an expansion of an initiative launched last year. Both new features are currently being tested on the platform.

Instagram’s announcement of the new features coincides with the service’s 10th anniversary. As part of the celebrations, Instagram has added an easter egg that lets you revisit its old app icons on iOS and Android.