Apple To Launch Dramatically Upgraded Apple TV With iPhone 12 Chip, Report Claims

Apple TV hardware may be radically upgraded in the coming months, according to a reports including a new tweet from leaker Fudge. The expectation is that the processor will be improved way more than a TV streaming box has any need for, which can only mean one thing: it’s for games.

It may even come in two versions, one with a processor that’s the company’s latest, the A14 chip, or a variant of it, making it as powerful as the latest iPad Air or the upcoming iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro.

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Arcade, Apple’s subscription gaming service, is aiming high, according to the tweet. Citing the game Breath of the Wild, Fudge claims an ambition to rival titles of that quality and says that a lot of money is being poured into Arcade to achieve that.

Fudge later went on to clarify in a subsequent tweet that they weren’t saying Apple was going to make its own competitor title to Breath of the Wild, rather that the advanced graphics, long, immersive stories on a larger scale was what Apple is going for. As they put it, “AAA titles. Basically, more reasons to join and play”.

For gamers especially, that’s pretty exciting. Actually, for non-gamers, too, as Apple will doubtless find other ways to make use of all that processing power to ensure a fast, responsive interface across the device.

Fudge also claims that a new controller is coming. Since the current Siri remote control is unpopular with some users thanks to a sometimes-tricky touch-sensitive panel, there will be many who are excited at a replacement remote with a different design.