Dirt 5 Preorder Details: Release Date, Bonuses, And More

Dirt 5 is going to be one of the first next-gen racing games we’ll get our hands-on time. Racing games have long been a good showcase for the power of a new console. The off-road racing game developed by Codemasters has been pushed back again, this time moving from its October 16 date to November 6. Dirt 5 will launch on PS4, Xbox One, and PC before becoming a launch title on Xbox Series X (and Series S) on November 10. It will also be available on PS5, presumably on the currently unannounced release date of Sony’s next-gen console. It’ll also release on Stadia in early 2021. The game was first shown off during the May Inside Xbox presentation.

Dirt 5 supports Xbox Smart Delivery, which means you can preorder the game now on Xbox One and it’ll automatically be available to you on Series X for free. Those who buy on PS4 will also receive a free upgrade for the PS5 version. You’ll get the next-gen upgrade whether you buy physically or digitally.

Dirt 5 promises to be “bolder and braver than ever before,” with new modes, ways to play, and never-before-seen concepts for the series, according to Codemasters. We haven’t seen too much of the game yet, but we know it’ll have a career mode that’ll take you on an immerse journey as you build a successful racing career. The voice cast is led by Troy Baker (Joel in The Last of Us) and Nolan North (Drake in Uncharted), who act as your mentors in career mode to give you advice on sponsorship deals, racing strategies, and more. The career mode is a choice-driven campaign that shifts based on the choices you make in-between races. Dirt 5’s career and offline modes can also be played split-screen for

Dirt 5 Supports Cross-Gen Saves On Xbox Series X/S, But Not PS5

While Codemasters’ Dirt 5 will offer free next-gen upgrades for both PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S players, the former will not be able to transfer any progress from the PS4 version of the game when making the jump to the newer console.

This was confirmed on the game’s official Twitter account in a response to a fan question. When upgrading Dirt 5 from PS4 to PS5, the game will allow you to move across any Playground track creations but no progress from its campaign, any in-game currency, and custom livery designs. By comparison, all of these are supported when moving your save from Xbox One to Xbox Series X/S.

Dirt 5 is supporting Microsoft’s Smart Delivery program, which makes its cross-gen save situation easier to understand. But it’s now another game in a growing list of PS4 titles with next-gen upgrades that won’t support save transfers. Yakuza: Like a Dragon will also not let you transfer your save when it launches in March for PS5, while Sony’s own Spider-Man will not let you bring over your progress to the PS5 remaster. Curiously though, save transfers between the PS4 and PS5 versions of Spider-Man: Miles Morales are supported.

Dirt 5 is launching alongside the Xbox Series X on November 10 after two small delays. It will also launch on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on the same day, before coming to PS5 on November 12 when Sony’s console launches.