PCR-Dx Diagnostic Launches New Website Highlighting Polymerase Chain Reaction Services to Georgia and Beyond

TUSCALOOSA, Ala., Sept. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — After many months of rigorous development, and dedication from its team at PCR-Dx Diagnostic, they are pleased to announce the launch of their brand-new website, https://pcr-dx.com.

This brand-new website provides its clients, medical professionals like physicians and practitioners, and patients with cutting-edge, all-inclusive PCR diagnostic services. The goal at PCR-Dx Diagnostic is to enable these medical professionals to accurately diagnose diseases in their patients through the provision of PCR-Dx’s molecular diagnostic services.

“We are excited about our new website launch and the robust information it provides for medical professionals, physicians, practitioners, and partners to better understand why Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) is best-in-class molecular testing method,” said Dr. Anthony Luyai of PCR-Dx Diagnostic. “We believe that our brand-new site will connect medical professionals with fast and accurate test results that will decrease the wait time for patients to receive actionable diagnosis.”

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) is a breakthrough molecular diagnostic testing technique that identifies a targeted genetic sequence (think cancer genes, bacteria, fungus and virus) present in any given sample.

This technique amplifies (makes more copies of) the targeted genetic material in the sample through a complex series of heating and cooling cycles. At the completion, the cycles analyses are done to determine amplifications. If any amplification is detected in the sample, a call is made for positive identification of the pathogen in question. If no amplification is detected, then it means that the target sequence is not present in the sample; yielding a negative result.

Due to the rise of Covid-19, PCR has experienced exponential growth among medical professionals as foot traffic has tripled for many practitioners. PCR is currently the most sensitive testing methodology compared to others including antigen and antibody rapid testing. The diagnostic value of PCR is significant