It’s been 24 years since Internet companies were declared off-the-hook for the behavior of their users. That may change, and soon.

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In a sweeping talk at the Association of National Advertisers conference last month, P&G Chief Brand Officer (and ANA Chair) Marc Pritchard laid out a five-step plan to address systemic problems in the marketing and media industries. Each step addresses serious challenges and opportunities — in diversity, inequality, and creative and business practices. But perhaps no step is more challenging — and crucial — than Pritchard’s Step Four: Eliminating all harmful content online. 

“There is still too much harmful, hateful, denigrating, and discriminatory content and commentary in too many digital sites, channels, and feeds,” Pritchard said. “There is no place for this type of content.”

While nearly everyone agrees with the idea of eliminating harmful content, key actors across the digital media industry seem paralyzed when it comes to how best to take action on the problem. What’s really going on? To understand, we must dive into the early formation of the Internet industry in the United States, and the role the First Amendment plays — to this day — in shaping an increasingly contentious debate on how to regulate digital speech. 

But, First, a Bit of History

When the Internet was in its early stages as a commercial medium more than 25 years ago, a moral panic erupted in the United States following the publication of a Time magazine cover story Titled “Cyberporn” and featuring a terrified child staring aghast into the blue light of a computer monitor, the story claimed — falsely, as it turned out — that the majority of images on the then-novel medium consisted of pornography. 

Internet service providers were to be treated like the phone company … not held responsible for the speech of their customers.

Congress quickly took up the cause of cleaning up the Internet and passed the 

Sony Change PS5 Trophies, Microsoft Touts The Series X, & Bungie Reveals Destiny 2: Beyond Light Exotics | Save State

In this video, Persia talks about a since-deleted blurb from a French PlayStation Blog post that mentions a trophy tracking system coming to the PS5 along with additional updates coming to the PS4 this week. This means you’ll now know your exact progress for individual trophies for compatible PS5 games. Other trophy system changes include an update to icons and the level cap being upped to 999. Current trophy levels will scale to a comparable level after the update and will not impact any trophies you’ve already earned.

Persia also talks about Microsoft poking fun at Sony after its teardown video, because you’ll have to do a bit of adjusting to turn the console on its side. A cheeky tweet from Xbox showed how you can simply rotate the Series X onto its side because of its box shape.

Lastly, Persia talks about some of the Exotic weapons and gear that were revealed for Destiny 2: Beyond Light. The Cloudstrike, Lament, Dawn Chorus, and Icefall Mantel are just a few of the new items featured, and they all have their own special effects that benefit their respective classes.

This is your Save State for Wednesday, October 7th.

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10 Upcoming Gadgets And Applied sciences To Change The World

At Gurukul The Faculty, underneath the leadership of educationist, Mr. Gaurav Bedi, we are dedicated to creating a wholesome surroundings around the kids, which can enable them to creatively study and develop holistically. Received a 3rd Magic Jack last week, and I love this nifty gadget. Transferring of recordsdata made simple by USB know-how. I’ve no real plans to use the MagicJack on that little laptop computer, nevertheless it’s good to know that if, for some motive, I ever did, I could.

I see a number of complaints (particularly on YouTube) about MagicJack, and I am clearly not able to dispute or query them. Utility gadgets embody iTunes, Microsoft Workplace and other pc functions that customize our expertise with programmable units.

The range of gadgets for her is considerably smaller than it’s for males, but each women and girls take pleasure in utilizing the same forms of gadgets that males and boys do. Many gadgets for females centre on family gadgets reminiscent of the varied kitchen gadgets which might be out there.

So, you would not be charged for incoming calls with Magic Jack. In fact you might not want to spend a four digit in your account for a piece of kit that shall be a total crap after few weeks; so in making finances or plans to your kitchen gadgets it ought to be for the best of it service.

In view of the fact that your query relates to the redial machine and requires precision, I’m thinking someone who may give you technical info at MagicJack will be the individual to ask. I’ve read Matt’s critique beneath and he’s spot on about outsourced customer support and Magic Jack.…

Perfect storm of change demands innovative and agile response

Financial services is facing a perfect storm of change. The combination of advanced digital technologies, regulatory reform, mounting consumer expectation and rising competition from both incumbents and disruptors is accelerating change across the financial services landscape.

To succeed, both established and challenger brands need to identify risks and opportunities and be able to respond in a nimble and agile fashion.

According to McKinsey & Co, in a post-pandemic world; “Businesses that once mapped digital strategy in one- to three-year phases must now scale their initiatives in a matter of days or weeks.”

Andrew Todd, chief technology officer of financial software firm Iress, does not believe that daily shifts will be required in financial services – but he does expect that speed and agility will be the secret to sustained success.

According to Todd; “History is composed of ‘black swan’ events, events that were never seen before and never predicted to happen. Yet, they occur with regularity and there is continuous volatility. With each ‘unprecedented’ event, a wave of innovation follows as economies and businesses rush to both take advantage of opportunities following the event, or to provide protection in case it happens again. 

“What is clearly missed in these examples by many – but not all – is that there’s an opportunity to build a business of resilience, one that benefits in times of upheaval. 

“Building a culture of real innovation, self-testing and resilience can help move from an outcome of needing to respond to leveraging a black-swan type event.” 

This, he says; “Takes critical thinking in relation to strategy, competition, courage and a willingness to be different. To not rest on past successes. To not be busy. It takes strong, bold leadership. It requires more than words – it requires investment in time and money and not following the

Sony Makes A Big PS5 Change In Japan, Swapping The Circle And X Buttons’ Functions

If you’ve ever played the Japanese version of a PlayStation game–or many games in the PS1’s library, including Metal Gear Solid–you were likely surprised to find that the menu buttons were reversed from normal. That’s because in Japan, the function of the X and Circle buttons are usually flipped, meaning that Circle confirms or selects, whereas X cancels. For the upcoming PS5, however, Sony is finally going to change the Japanese buttons to the Western standard, but not everyone’s happy about it.

According to Famitsu, this change will primarily affect the PS5’s user interface, but not the Japanese versions of PS5 games, which will likely lead to much confusion for many Japanese players who have “Circle for confirm” permanently etched in their brains. In the past, some PlayStation games have given players the option of changing their menu controls to their preferred standard, but it’s unclear if Japanese players will be able to change it in the PS5’s system settings.

This new information comes as several Japanese media sources have gotten hands-on time with the PS5. According to these sources, the PS5 is quite tall compared to existing game consoles, so players may have to move their setup around to get it to fit. The system is also surprisingly quiet compared to the original PS4, which–I can personally attest–whirrs like a jet engine when you’re playing demanding games like God of War or Ghost of Tsushima.