Ocreative Marks the Launch of Their New Website with Ten More International Creative & Marketing Awards

HARTLAND, Wis., Oct. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — To earmark the launch of their new website, Ocreative, an integrated marketing agency, also announced they’ve been generously recognized by the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts (AIVA) for their outstanding work in traditional and digital marketing. With over 6,000 entries from companies and agencies spanning the globe, the Communicator Awards are one of largest awards of its kind in the world.

“We have the opportunity to work with some really incredible, innovative clients,” says Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Andrea Koeppel. “They trust us with their business, and we work hard to honor their vision, goals, and messaging with top-tier work.”

Working closely with clients and creating an environment of transparency and open communication are paramount to Ocreative’s success, she explained. So much so, that they chose to center their new website around their client relationship philosophy. “We really wanted to let businesses and organizations of all sizes know that cutting-edge web design and development and inventive marketing are accessible,” Koeppel continued. “We want to educate and guide and we’re thrilled that organizations like AIVA choose to highlight our work. It lets us know we’re always moving in the right direction and gives our clients confidence and peace of mind.”

Ocreative’s new website boasts a detailed series of case studies in their portfolio to help potential and existing clients get a better handle on the agency’s marketing experience and capabilities. “We want to show people how marketing strategies can work and provide real outcomes,” Koeppel said “But we really wanted our creative team to run with it, no holds barred. Let’s really show them what’s possible.” The new website balances vibrant colors, graphics, and animation with real photos of their team and office, located in Hartland, WI.

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Gold | Branded Website for Consumers, 2020 – MM+M Awards – MM&M

Alcon and 2e

AcrySof IQ PanOptix Trifocal Lens U.S. Patient Website

Some might think getting cataract surgery is just one more problem that comes with aging. But Alcon’s introduction of the AcrySof IQ PanOptix Trifocal Lens turns that surgery into a revolutionary opportunity. The lens offers unprecedented vision enhancement for people with cataracts, giving them control of their health by investing in their vision. 

Calling this sense of renewed possibility “PanOptimism,” the team started with an existing site, MyCataracts.com, an unbranded website with generalized surgery information. And it transformed it into a branded place that could drive conversation about the benefits of clear, complete vision.

Starting with extensive research and insights, including a study on the willingness to pay for advanced technology intraocular lenses, 2e worked closely with SEO and digital partners to combine analytics and competitive analysis with messaging strategy. It dove into patient mindsets, consumer search behavior research, companion digital media strategy and content planning.

A key insight? That adults between the ages of 62 and 74, two to three months before cataract surgery, want a life that makes them feel uncompromised and fully engaged. And they’re willing to pay a premium to get it. So rather than simply providing answers to cataract-surgery questions, it offers an emotional connection to renewed vision. It uses a branded story to educate patients on the opportunities of cataract surgery, fully realized by the PanOptix Lens.

With a vision simulator, surgeon locator, educational and testimonial videos, downloadable resources and an inspirational focus on possibility, it is the essence of “PanOptimism.”

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Gadget Roundup: Award-winning tech and products from the A’ Design Awards 2020

One of the A’ Design Awards’ standout features is just its vastly multidisciplinary nature. Conceived as the one award program to cover every single aspect of the design industry, the A’ Design Award looks at as many as 99 categories, spanning everything from Architecture to Interiors, Graphics, Packaging, Furniture, Film, Social Design, Medical Product Design, Transportation, Jewelry, and a category that’s truly close to our hearts… Consumer Technology.

Gadgets are perhaps an undeniable part of the ‘better human experience’. Whether it’s the presence of innovative features, or the lack of distracting elements, each product is designed to fulfill a certain need and achieve a certain end – which it believes is best for its user. It’s probably why technology and design are so interwoven into A’ Design’s approach. Currently in their 2020-21 edition, the awards are looking for the next generation of life-changing, life-bettering products, with as many as 218 Jury Members covering all of the award categories. Moreover, winners of the A’ Design Award don’t just win a trophy and a certificate, but receive an entire PR Campaign dedicated towards pushing their career, clout, and even their projects to newer heights. A’ Design Award’s winners and even its participants are included in its annual award book and business network, while additionally contributing to their country’s overall design ranking that paints a holistic picture of how design-centric and design-forward each country is… so if you’ve got a great idea for a product and all it needs is a bit of a push and some validation from some of the most accomplished professionals and educators in the design industry, head over to A’ Design Award’s website and submit your product for this year’s award! Don’t wait up, the regular deadline for the award is as soon as September 30th! Your design,