How Cisco’s AppDynamics+ThousandEyes Provides Cloud-to-Client Visibility

In 2017, network giant Cisco Systems made a curious move when it spent $3.7 billion for AppDynamics. It seemed like an odd move to acquire the market leader in application performance monitoring since Cisco is known as the market leader in networking. The theory behind the acquisition was that the application level visibility could help Cisco better correlate network issues with application performance problems. 

Typically, the teams that manage applications operate in an independent silo from the staff that runs the network. Given how network centric businesses have become, correlating application data with network information is something that’s inevitable, so Cisco was prescient to get a jump on the industry. 

Earlier this year, Cisco made another interesting move when it acquired internet and cloud monitoring provider ThousandEyes. This was another move that was outside of Cisco’s traditional business focus; almost all of Cisco’s core network products are focused on corporate private networks. Cisco’s interest in ThousandEyes makes sense because more and more customers are looking to use cloud applications and infrastructure. So, in essence, the internet is now part of the company network.

Cisco is combining AppD and ThousandEyes data 

AppDynamics and Cisco–and ThousandEyes and Cisco–each can create a “1 + 1 = 3” effect, where the combinations create greater value than the two apart. However, looking ahead, Cisco can raise the bar even higher by bringing AppDynamics and ThousandEyes together. To get a better understanding of what this might look like, I interviewed Linda Tong, general manager of AppDynamics and Mohit Lad, founder and general manager of ThousandEyes to get their takes. 

One of the items I wanted to drill down on is how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted IT organizations. It’s been well documented how the pandemic has forced users to work from home, caused companies to accelerate