Antstream can stream over 1,200 retro games for $10 a month

Cloud gaming has drawn some big companies, like Nvidia, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon, to stream some of the biggest hit games to players. But Antstream is taking the same technology and went retro.

Retro games are hot as gamers — both young and old — are willing to play just about anything with nostalgia value. We even have a weekly column on the market segment.

The London-based company has secured the rights to thousands of older games, and it’s putting them on Antstream Arcade, a cloud gaming service with more than 1,200 titles currently available. And now it is adding a new wave of games from Bandai Namco (like Pac-Man) as well as Disney, SNK, and Interplay, said CEO Steve Cottam in an interview with GamesBeat.

“Our vision is to have the first game ever created to the game that came out yesterday,” Cottam said. “Our strategy was to start with the earlier content and move forward in time. We can bring these amazing games like Space Invaders and put them on any device.”

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The Tencent-backed company has a subscription service of $10 a month for its games like Asteroids and Space Invaders. But it is also pursuing a business-to-business strategy, where its games will be available on a variety of platforms, like the upcoming Atari VCS game console and the StarHub 5G service in Singapore.

Above: Antstream Arcade has games like Pac-Man.

Image Credit: Antstream

The arcade generally has games from 1972 to 2000. Nintendo, unfortunately, hasn’t agreed to a license.

“It would be a dream to have Nintendo. But I think they are unique in how well they keep their content to themselves,” Cottam said.

Antstream Arcade was founded in 2013,