Predator: Hunting Grounds Adds 4v4 Mode, New Map

Predator: Hunting Grounds developer IllFonic has released new content for the multiplayer title, adding a new map and a PvP mode. The new mode, called Clash, pits teams of four against each other, but it still keeps the Predator element that gives the game its namesake intact.

According to the announcement, rounds of Clash last about 15 minutes and the teams are tasked with taking a series of control points. But while you’re battling, you’ll also be slowly filling your Predator meter, and once it’s filled up one teammate will become the hunter. That grants you the superpowered abilities you’ll recognize from the Hunt mode, but you don’t get a second wind or target isolation tools.

The update also includes a new map called Excavation, which features the usual jungle biome alongside a more vertical multi-level cave. It’s built to create confrontations in narrow chokepoints, which facilitates the Predator’s hunting style.

Finally, the update includes a Quickplay menu to choose the Hunt or Clash modes, and loadout slots are increased from 5 to 10. IllFonic teased this update in August, when it announced a patch that included cross-play between PC and PS4.

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