Lead Liaison Launches Website Visitor Converter

Lead Liaison, a provider of sales and marketing automation solutions, has added Website Visitor Converter, a free lead generation tool available as a downloadable WordPress plugin.

The solution can be used to gate valuable website content. Interested website visitors can provide their email addresses to access the content. Email addresses can be verified for authenticity prior to accessing the content.

Alternatively, content can be gated by a pass code that can be handed out ahead of time and used to unlock access. The solution can also integrate with Lead Liaison’s sales and marketing automation platform. When visitors provide their contact information, they can be added into an automated workflow or drip campaign.

“Marketers are constantly trying to figure out what type of content to put on their website. They understand inbound marketing is a critical growth strategy. However, it’s hard to figure out where to draw the line. What should be given away for free and what should be gated?,” said Brad Froese, director of marketing at Lead Liaison, in a statement. “Gated content should be valued enough by a visitor to exchange for their coveted email address. Once they’ve determined what that valuable free content is going to be, marketers can use Website Visitor Converter to gate it for free. They can also set up and manage passcodes and easily style gated prompts to match corporate branding. It’s a really flexible plugin for any website built on the WordPress platform.”

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