Ghost Light Audition Group Launching New Website

The site provides accessible college audition information.

Ghost Light Audition Group Launching New Website

Ghost Light Audition Group (GLO), a volunteer organization founded by graduates of performing arts colleges across the country, launched their official website and resources Friday, September 18th.

Dedicated to creating equity and accessibility for all seeking to change the world of performing arts through higher education, GLO is set to demystify the college audition process and create accessibility to higher education one student at a time.

Executive Director Kayla Braxton says, “By creating opportunities for higher education for folks from all walks of life, our hope is that we begin to see the populations of professional theatre reflective of our world today.”

Ghost Light Audition Group is an entirely volunteer based organization. Providing extensive online resources through their website and social media to support all undergraduate theatre degree seeking individuals; including but not limited to BIPOC, LGBTQ+, transgender and gender nonconforming, financially disadvantaged, and artists of all abilities and body types.

If you are interested in majoring in directing, stage management, theatre education, acting, tech, design, musical theatre, theatre, or can’t decide, GLO is your one stop shop. With videos on how to create a self tape set up with just an iPhone, to articles and checklists for putting together the perfect portfolio, to a list of age appropriate songs to nail your audition with, GLO has you covered.

The college audition process is tricky, with so many requirements for different schools, finding guidance, and the overall cost. GLO plans on alleviating the application expense for students through scholarships. “We recognize the severe cost of higher education, not only the application process, is a large source of inequity in the arts,” said Managing Director Brooke Viegut. “With our future plans for financial support, students will be able to audition and apply with more peace of mind.”

Be sure to find Ghost Light Audition Group on Facebook and Instagram! If you are interested in volunteering, contact [email protected]

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