Joe Kelly’s kids are winning the internet with their matching onesies (Photo)

Joe Kelly’s kids are winning the internet with their matching onesies.

Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Joe Kelly won the internet when he hilariously made a pouting face at the Houston Astro’s after ending their inning. That pouty face is seen on t-shirts, murals in the city, and on pretty much the hearts of every Dodgers fan. Now, his adorable children are creating their own buzz with custom onesies they wore to a recent playoff game.

The photo was shared by Kelly’s wife, Ashley, who is in the MLB bubble with Joes and their children Crue and Blake for the Dodgers NLDS and now their NLCS appearances which start on Monday in Arlington, TX.

Joe Kelly is the Dodgers unsung hero

Kelly has been somewhat of a hero for the team as he seemingly stood up to the Astros who everyone pretty much hates since the cheating scandal was revealed. They may

Lessons From From Fintech Revolutions Of The Past And Winning Post-COVID

Matt Harris, partner at Bain Capital Ventures, and Michael Tae, corporate vice president and head of strategy at Broadridge, look back on two recent crises for lessons on how disruption can lead to rapid change, opportunity and a new status quo, with an eye towards what might be post-Covid.

The suggestion that every crisis also brings an opportunity has been attributed to everyone from Einstein to Churchill to JFK. But perhaps nobody understands this phenomenon better than Mother Nature.

Take the 140-year-old tiny aquatic invertebrate, the bryozoan, which remained exactly the same for 40 million years and then suddenly experienced a vast diversification – perhaps a result of an abrupt change in sea levels or atmospheric temperature – followed by millions more years in stasis. The bryozoan illustrates the scientific principle of punctuated equilibrium, proposed by natural historians Niles Eldredge and Stephen Jay Gould to describe how a long-standing, static biological order can change abruptly, ushering in new species in a sudden period of revolutionary disruption.

What’s happening today in the financial services industry could also be described as a period of punctuated equilibrium.

Companies that dominate in periods of relative stability have frequently emerged victorious from a preceding crisis. They maintain their status by incrementally refining the infrastructure that aided their success, holding back sweeping change. Events such as the 2003 SARS pandemic, the 2008 global financial crisis, and now the cataclysmic COVID-19 pandemic cause rapid changes in customer needs, regulations, and technology adoption seemingly overnight, breaking the status quo and forcing financial services companies – and indeed all companies – to adapt. Suddenly, standing still becomes untenable. The result is a fintech revolution.

Fintech revolution I: The expansion of online commerce and digital payments

That was the case in 2003 when the SARS virus spread in China.

Devdutt Padikkal’s Response to Yuvraj Singh’s Challenge is Winning The Internet

a person holding a baseball bat: Image: Twitter

© Ankit Banerjee | Sports Desk
Image: Twitter

Young Devdutt Padikkal is impressing and growing every day, thanks to the ongoing Indian Premier League in UAE. The 20-year old’s 45-ball 63 is already winning praises and fans are also drawing parallels of the rookie with former India star Yuvraj Singh. Impressed by Padikkal’s form, the veteran India allrounder took to his social media handle and lauded the youngster and said it would be great to be batting together soon – just to see who is better. “Form is temporary class is forever! @imVkohli however I haven’t seen this boy out of form since last 8 years which is unbelievable actually! Paddikal looks really good need to bat together and see who hits longer,” Yuvraj wrote in a tweet.

Padikkal, playing the humble junior, responded to Yuvraj and that is winning hearts. The RCB blue-eyed boy revealed that he learned how to play the flick shot from the two-time World Cup-winner. “Not competing with you paji. Learnt the flick from you. Always wanted to bat with you. Let’s go,” Padikkal wrote.

The Karnataka batsman has more than once got RCB off to a good start at the top with Aaron Finch. Thus far, in four matches, he has amassed 174 runs at an outstanding average of 43.50 and a strike rate of 134.88.

With the win against Royals,