Investigation underway after programming issue causes widespread voting delays in Fort Bend County

The lines are long for early voting at every polling location in Fort Bend County early Tuesday, but it’s not just because of the increased turnout.

Fort Bend County voters face obstacles as early voting begins Tuesday



County officials are working to fix a technical glitch that prevented the polls from opening at their scheduled time of 8 a.m. 

County leaders said the machines didn’t have today’s date programmed so they wouldn’t work when the polls opened.

“They were not programmed to start this morning. And that had to be reprogrammed,” Fort Bend County District Attorney Brian Middleton said. 

He said they are investigating whether it was intentional, but said it could be because they’re using “state-of-the-art machines” for only the second time.

The delays came on the first day of early voting.

“I was extremely disappointed with the technical issues,” In a tweet just after 9 a.m., County Judge KP George. “Those who are responsible will be held accountable. In an era voter where suppression is real, I will authorize a full investigation and call for accountability.”

INTERACTIVE MAP: Where you can vote early in Fort Bend County

Many voters from Sugar Land to Missouri City told KHOU 11 they lined up extra early to vote and stood in line for nearly two hours before being told the polls were not opening on time.

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Productivity Commission claims wide-spread regtech adoption will lift compliance

An information paper by the Productivity Commission has highlighted how there is scope for Australia to adopt regulatory technology (regtech) beyond the financial sector, with the belief it can improve regulatory outcomes and reduce the costs of administration and compliance.

In its regulatory technology information paper [PDF], the Productivity Commission noted how Australia is “well-placed” to develop regtech solutions given its “relatively stable and sophisticated” regulatory systems, but currently, extensive use of regtech remains relatively low.

“Low awareness can dampen both demand and supply responses — business need to see value in changing their software so that developers see value in investing in applications, which in turn deliver the value businesses need to see,” the paper stated.

It went on to suggest that Australia could extend its existing use of “low-tech” solutions, including digitised data, forms, registers, and transactions to streamline business and individual transactions with government, as well as reduce compliance costs, improve the efficiency of regulatory practices, and generate flow-on benefits to the community.

Some of the specific areas that the Productivity Commission believes regtech solutions could benefit from include where regulatory environments are particularly complex to navigate and monitor, explaining that there is scope to improve risk-based regulatory approaches; technology could enable better monitoring; and technology could safely unlock more uses of data for regulatory compliance.

While regtech could improve regulatory outcome, it should not be used as a substitute for regulatory reform, the Productivity Commission warned.

The paper also examined the costs, risks, and hurdles associated with the wider adoption of regtech. It pointed out that while regtech has the potential to deliver benefits, the wide-spread implementation of it could take some years, particularly when it comes to the adoption of “advanced” regtech, which requires specialised resources and longer development times.

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ATLAS And Widespread ATLAS Take a look at Languages

Pc programming has grow to be one of the most underestimated directional tools of the worldwide financial system within the final decade. That is nice for those times when you don’t have an Internet connection, as a result of nothing gets me motivated to learn programming like not having the ability to waste time on the Internet. There are various books and guides available on the market that show the right way to write code in a new language.

The A+ programming language is an array programming language at a high-stage mannequin, which provides programmers access to entire sets of knowledge, so that they can simply manipulate their information. Completely different languages might be difficult to learn and so they is perhaps simpler to know if they start by learning yours.

This can be a great Hub on programming languages. Low stage languages being too troublesome are not often used for some specific suggest , so it is not a basic goal programming language. Programming shapes in Java is like every other language. In Lesson 21 , we learnt concerning the Java indexOf() method and the best way to use this technique to seek for a personality or string in a given string in Java programming language.

Create a tag such as daring kind or a cell value to enable the code to establish the correct place to insert the frozen pane. Compilers and Interpreter both are used to translate excessive stage programming language’s codes into machine language. If you are the type of programmer, who doesn’t have a style of programming just yet, you will find your style with A+, when you start to use this programming language.

Studying to program will be very troublesome, but there are a lot of assets on the market that can make studying …

20 Widespread Uses Of Computer systems

My previous article looked at how technology has developed to the extent that we are now simply contactable no matter the place we are. It’s normally outlined as any system utilizing elements that make use of binary or digital logic which is 1 or zero. In case your device or equipment has a micro controller or a processor within it, or if it makes use of storage and a software program program that may carry out even easy determination making, meaning the gear you’re utilizing benefits from digital technology.

If you are an artist looking to develop your attain by way of social networking, then this web site is unquestionably price your time. That technology creates ‘a culture with out moral foundation’ and undermines social relations between people. Technology can be outlined as the collection of strategies, techniques, processes, units and expertise often from engineering used by man to control his surroundings with a view to fulfill his needs and remedy his problems (Ugochukwu 2012).

If you’ve already paired the 2 LG units however will not be able to control the sound bar’s quantity using your TELEVISION remote, attempt un-pairing after which re-pairing the 2 units in the Sound Sync part in your TV. Alternatively, if you did not pair the device’s previously, verify that you just’re TV truly helps the Sound Sync function.

In case you’re still alive throughout a large implementation of the chip, you will be by means of so much embarrassment, and not as a result of folks will mock you on an empty function — but as a result of all of you would be withdrawing from medical and crime benefits that only future would have reserved for an clever species like us human beings.

If the left and proper audio system in your Samsung …