This hot take on iceberg lettuce is driving a wedge through the internet

As anyone who lives in Los Angeles will tell you, iceberg lettuce seems to be on the outs while kale still has a hold on the gourmet restaurant community.

For every trendy restaurant that serves avocado toast, there’s another that serves some sort of high-end kale salad with several expensive garnishes. Whole Foods even sells T-shirts with just the word “kale” on them.

A recent opinion piece from Bloomberg pointing out the shifting tides in the lettuce world, however, has brought out some serious opinions on the topic and it turns out there are still plenty of iceberg devotees.

The story, appropriately titled “America Has Lost Its Taste for Iceberg Lettuce,” argues that this year could be the year romaine and other leaf lettuce “finally surpasses that of head lettuce, which is mostly iceberg lettuce.”

That same article also says it might not…which is fair, given the state of the world in 2020, nothing really seems all that predictable anyway.

But opinion columnist Justin Fox forges ahead, pointing out kale is grown in every state in the country — yes, even Alaska.

We also can’t overlook other greens like spinach and romaine, which are also having a moment.

“Such greens are generally perceived as health foods; and, well, affluent people like to buy health foods (if not necessarily eat them),” Fox writes. “Maybe turnip greens will have their big moment next!”

As Americans can argue about everything, not everyone agrees the country has “lost its taste” for old-fashioned heads of lettuce. The divisive story earned some interesting responses on Twitter from both sides.

One person clapped back to the Bloomberg headline, writing people are done with the longtime fan favorite “Because iceberg lettuce is just crispy water.”