Proof That Transformational Leadership Can Become The New Normal

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Earlier this year, I was invited to coach a leader and his executive team. It was clear to the team and the company’s investors that they were not working well together. The company had trouble achieving its KPIs, and though the team shared similar visions for the company, they had vastly different ideas about how to get there. 

We began our work before the pandemic and continued through the ensuing disruption. We worked to realign the executive team, focusing on building trust and constructively resolving conflict, but with disappointing results.

One day, circumstances changed the composition of the team, and our leader, Chris, was the only one remaining. You might think that Chris doubled down on fear-based responses — after all, a pandemic was fully in place, everyone was working remotely, the industry was facing new, sudden challenges, the executive team was gone and KPIs still had to be achieved. 

Instead, Chris committed to a path of intentional transformation using both individual and team coaching.

Chris’s vision for the company had not changed. Specifically, it was to create a positive work environment that gives employees the tools to be successful while creating stakeholder value. Chris wanted to focus specifically on transformation, of both the company and its leadership. To him, a healthy organization was:

• Based on trust

• Able to mine for constructive conflict

• Committed once a decision was made (even if not every individual agreed with that decision)

• Able to hold one another accountable to commitments

• Striving for collective results over individual results

That’s the type of organization Chris wanted. So how best to get there?  

Bottom line, Chris got there by leaning into a lot of uncomfortable conversations