How to find out if someone was snooping around on your computer

Someone maybe snooping around on your computer, and that is definitely a problem. In many cases, the person who is accessing your computer is likely one who is known such as a family member or friend. In other situations, a colleague at work might have gained access if you had left your laptop unattended for a period of time.


How to find out if someone was snooping around on your computer?

The question is, how can we find out if this has happened for sure. The first step is knowing where to begin, and that is something we plan to discuss in this article.

Bear in mind that a trace of almost all actions taken on your computer is stored, which means, there are ways to tell if someone has been messing around without your consent. Now, nothing here will determine who the culprit is, but this should give an idea:

  1. Check for newly installed apps
  2. Check your web browser history
  3. Check Quick access
  4. Take a look at Windows 10 Logon Events
  5. Turn on logon auditing on Windows 10 Pro

One of the best safe computing habits to cultivate is to lock the screen of the computer with a password when you are not at it. It hardly takes a moment. You just have to press WinKey+L to lock the computer. This prevents others from snooping into your computers when you are not around.

1] Check for newly installed apps

The first thing you will be required to do here is to check for apps that might have been installed without your knowledge. It is possible to do this by clicking on the Start button and look at the Recently Added section.

From here, you should see the latest apps that were installed recently. If none were done by you,