Google Is About To Give Your Chromebook A Major Screenshot Boost

It looks increasingly likely that Google will soon roll out a built-in screen recorder and improved screenshot feature for millions of Chromebooks. 

Last month Chrome Story spotted a reference to a built-in screen recorder feature for Chrome OS that popped up in the Chromium Gerrit. Today, Chrome Unboxed found a partially functional version of the feature in the Canary channel of Chrome OS, which is a development channel where new, not widely tested (and possibly buggy or unfinished), Chrome OS features can be trailed.

The new capture mode adds an icon to the Chrome OS taskbar, which gives users options to screen record or screen capture. In a video, Chrome Unboxed showed off how exactly the new features work, including options to take movable screenshots and resize them. Users can also capture a specific window. 

Screen recording is also a major update for Chromebook users who currently rely on third party extensions to capture videos. The experimental feature doesn’t work in its current state, but the mostly complete interface is clear to see. There’s no information on when the new capture options will be rolled out, but this is the feature’s second reference in just over a month.  Google also introduced native screen recording in Android 11, which started landing on Pixel phones last month.  

The benefits of improved screen capture options are obvious as more schools and students adopt Chromebooks. That’s even more true during a pandemic as teachers and students work and learn from home. 

But I suspect capturing high-quality clips of video games will be one of the more popular uses of the new feature. Google has dramatically boosted the Chromebook’s gaming abilities in the last few months. The search company rolled out

Microsoft Edge to get a web screenshot utility

Microsoft Edge will soon get support for a web capture utility that will allow browser users to take screenshots of web pages.

Called “Web capture,” the new screenshotting tool is currently being tested in Edge Insider channels (Edge Dev and Edge Canary builds) before being added to the main Edge browser.

The feature isn’t new. The initial version of Edge, built on Microsoft’s proprietary EdgeHTML engine, supported a web capture utility.

The new screenshot tool being added now is a port of the old feature, but for Microsoft’s new Chromium-based Edge browser.

To use the new web capture utility, users have four methods at their disposal.

1. Keybpard shortcut: CTRL+Shift+S

2. Right-click menu -> Web capture


Image: ZDNet


3. Use the More/Settings menu () in the top-right corner of the browser and select Web capture.


Image: ZDNet

4. Add a button to the Edge toolbar by going to edge://settings, searching for “capture” and then selecting the “Show web capture button” option.


Image: ZDNet

After taking a screenshot, users can copy it to the clipboard by selecting the “Copy” option. To save a photo on the local device, hit “Preview” first and then the “Save” button in the top-right corner


Image: ZDNet

Similar screenshot utilities are also present in other browsers like Firefox, Opera, and Vivaldi. In recent months, new feature development done on Edge has often also found its way into Chromium and later in Chrome; however, it is unclear if Microsoft is willing to contribute this feature back into the Chromium codebase or if it will remain unique to Edge.

“In the near future, you can expect to see more functionalities added to web capture, like adding ink or highlights to your captures, capturing full webpages, and