Motorola’s Razr 5G Is the Folding Phone You’ve Been Waiting For; More Info at B&H

Mobile News: Motorola’s just-announced Razr 5G is better than its predecessor in every way that matters, including camera performance, processing power, functionality, and more

B&H is excited to announce the latest foldable smartphone from Motorola: the Razr 5G. Outshining its predecessor in almost every single way, the Razr 5G features a vastly improved camera setup, faster performance, and greater availability. Those improvements coupled with the Razr’s iconic “flip phone” design could mean that the new Razr 5G is the foldable phone we’ve all been waiting for.

Minimal Design, Maxed-Out Specs

Arguably, the best thing about last year’s Razr was that it featured the same iconic form factor as the legendary Razr V3, but with modern features and a foldable screen. The Motorola Razr 5G champions that same iconic design, only it does so with better hardware and performance.

First, let’s look at the camera. Whereas last year’s model featured a serviceable 16MP shooter, the new Razr’s setup is much more impressive. This time around, Motorola gave its foldable phone a flagship-worthy 48MP main lens. That’s a dramatic jump in megapixels, sure, but that leap also comes with greatly enhanced camera features, including new shooting modes.

Motorola Razr 5G Folding Phone

The CPU and RAM also got a significant boost—up from a just-OK Snapdragon 710 processor and 6GB of RAM to a zippier, closer-to-high-end Snapdragon 765 chip and 8GB of RAM. On paper, it also looks like battery life was marginally increased, but because the new Razr is faster and offers better network support than the original, it’s unlikely you’ll notice a major difference.

As far as the screen goes: The foldable display appears to be the only hardware feature Motorola didn’t massively overhaul. Spec-wise, it looks like the same panel from last year’s Razr: a 6.2″ OLED with an